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SR 3D Builder

#1 Сообщение xSergio74 »

Hi, everybody.

first of all, sorry for not speaking (and reading) anything in Russian. I apologize for this, but hope this is not a problem...

I'm the author of SR 3D Builder program. It is a PC powerful tool to help you creating your lego models on the PC. It is by far more advanced (and more buggy :lol: ) than any other similar program and it worth a look.

Web Site:

I saw someone is talking about it in this forum, so here I am to help you solving problems in using it.
but please write in English.

If this is not the right place to post this message feel free to move it elsewhere (please let me know where)



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Re: SR 3D Builder

#2 Сообщение CocaCola_idder »

We already discussed your program here.
I think it's good choise for every Technic builder!
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Re: SR 3D Builder

#3 Сообщение xSergio74 »

I read that discussion, translated with google language tools.

From what I can understand it seems you like my program !!

About ATI cards, I want to notify that only a few of them are currently having problems in running my application and seems mostly due to some driver errors.
Downloading and installing latest releases from ATI official site, most often problem are solved.

I still experience trouble under the following ATI cards only:
1400, 1700, 2600 (for portable PC). It maybe some errors have been fixed with Windows 7 version of these drivers, but not tested.

If anyone has more, please let me know.


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Re: SR 3D Builder

#4 Сообщение Astefan »

Thanks for your program. I think it is better then LDD. I think it will be better if you make some more realistically Lego parts. I mean inscription LEGO on the bricks. But this is really great job. It's a very good program. :D


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