SR 3D Builder released!

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SR 3D Builder released!

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Hi everybody
I'm proud to announce my latest release of the application with some great new functionality.
Here is the list of what's new:
- The ability to switch between standard user interface with free rotation, and a more common user
interface having separate X and Y rotation axis and a fixed (not selection dependant) rotation centre
(see preference dialog box for switching)
- Fixed length flex parts (Flex Axle, Tubes and Ribbed Hoses)
- Problem when adding a rack while having a Technic Gear 24 Tooth Clutch in your model
- Axle misalignement while connecting to angled connectors parts
- Hidden (wrong) connection detection among gears in specific positions
- Some bugs in hinges movements when parallel quad were sharing 2 rotation points (nodes)
- A bug was preventing correct import of .DAT files (MLCad file format) when having submodels
- Group management has been totally rewritten. Now support:
o Hierarchyc groups
o Layered groups
o Hide/Show groups

and here is a video (a bit longer than usual, but it worth):

available as always from my website:

It is strictly forbidden to:
- feedback
- give hint or suggestion
- give any big or little contribution for my hard work
... or not :?: :wink:

Сообщения: 51

Re: SR 3D Builder released!

#2 Сообщение xSergio74 »

New version with some really needed fixes for previous version about flex axles NON usability.
As before, download from my website:

I apologize for this.



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