SR 3D Builder Released

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SR 3D Builder Released

#1 Сообщение xSergio74 »

Hi everybody,
It's publish time again!

The new release has just been published on my official website

The most important news are
- Inclusion of the last official lDraw part update
- Single click to add a part from toolbox to model
- Animated flexible parts. Here is a link to a video that explains what I mean:

I also recommend you to look at history tab for a brief of what changed

The application is available for free as always, but... well you know what I mean ;)

Enjoy building!!!

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Re: SR 3D Builder Released

#2 Сообщение Shurik »

Great job! Fexible parts look really impressive! However, this innovation doesn't look very useful; i can't remember any moc with flex tubes stuck into rotating gear like in video :)

Why did you decied to implement this option in SR 3D builder?
Когда ни будь я соберу деревянного меха, специально для тебя Шурик. :wink: FrostNova

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Re: SR 3D Builder Released

#3 Сообщение xSergio74 »

the video is just a sample to show the new feature.
Anyway, next step in the application is to cover pneumatic functionality, where tubes follow, for example, the curve of a moving arm of an excavator, and it is not realistic that the tube loose its connection when the arm moves.

But for this you have to patient a long, in the while, enjoy building



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