SR 3D Builder released!

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SR 3D Builder released!

#1 Сообщение xSergio74 »

Here I am again!
(hope not to bore you too much...)

The new release has just been published.
Always the same website

And always free...

This video to show the new features implemented. I'm sure you will appreciate it!!



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SR 3D Builder made PORTABLE

#2 Сообщение xSergio74 »

SR 3D Builder made PORTABLE

here are the instructions for how to create a portable version of my application (maybe someone need it):
Things should be by far much more easy than you expect if PC you would like to run my application on already meets the requirements (MS framework 2.0 and correct DirectX version).

Following these steps should work, assuming you have a USB memory with 128MB or more free space as U: drive and you have performed a standard application installation of my SR3DBuilder:
1- Copy the contents of the c:\lDraw folder and subfolders into U:\
2- Create a folder on U to store my application system files (i.e. U:\SR3DB)
3- Copy the contents of my application installation folder (usually c:\Program Files\SR3DBuilder) in U:\SR3DB (you can avoid copying the unins*.* and fulldownload.exe files )
4- Start SR3DBuilder.exe from U:\SR3DB
5a- If prompted for choosing the part library folder, choose U:\lDraw
5b- If NOT prompted for choosing the part library folder, choose File-->Setup Directory from SR3DB menu and select U:\lDraw folder

you should be able to run the application from the USB stick now. It works at first try for me!!
Please also notice the following:
- on any computer you run SR3DB the first time or anytime your USB stick change its associated drive letter you have to repeat step 5a
- parts image loading will be tedious the first time are displayed (then will be cached)
- the extension .l3b is not associated with the application
- some registry entries are written while using the application
- maybe some other issues


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Re: SR 3D Builder released!

#3 Сообщение Astronaut »

Your program is getting better and better! :)

But I a little dissapointed about he fact that almost no one from this forum pays attention to this project. :(

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Re: SR 3D Builder released!

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I couldn't work with the first version. But last week I downloaded SR 3D And in my opinion this is much better than both LDD and MLCad!
I will use only SR 3D for virtual building!
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