SR 3D Builder Released

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SR 3D Builder Released

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new version released.
available as always from

One more note (and I'm a bit embarrassed): I really need some "money support" since the costs for maintaining my internet connection to support users is by far bigger than the offers I'm gaining.

If things won't changes a little, the application will be no longer totally free or I will stop developing it. :oops:

Here is a list of changes:

- Some very basic functionality for sliding connection management. It works now with Crane parts and with
parts wit rails. Look at the new button on toolbar for sliding animation.
- Many part patch still needed. Help is appreciated in this direction...
- Hierarchic management of hiding/showing groups
- Big images in toolbox were not displayed
- Showing Tire Manager crash the application
- Fixing parts position after animation crash the application
- Assembly selection may occasionally miss one or more parts
- Adding new flex parts cause application crash
- After first run you need to restart the application to let the toolbox correctly show
- After working with groups hierarchy you may sometime loose some of them


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