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So here I am again to announce the looooooooong awaited NEW release of my application.
There are many news, starting from the new website, now moved to so please, update your bookmarks

Now to the application news: there are not too many, but they are all really interesting. Here is a brief:
- Support for simplified racks mechanism (where a rotation axle is coaxial to gear)
- Support for suspensions (still not the spring)
- Support for Linear Actuators
- The Animation Console that allows you to create a console with your model animations starting points and
animating it in a 'real way'
- Support for reciprocal animation referred to a block to be considered fixed
- Support for worms to rack connection
- Support for building with Linear Actuators and shock absorbers

- Many fixes in hinge animations: now only some unusual composed hinges should not work
- Racks slidings now limits to effective rack length
- Notification at part list rebuilding end
- Pressing Cancel when closing the application and asked to save, the application closes without saving your
- Selecting a part involved in Connection Solver cause occasionally application crash

- You now need to press CTRL with double click to instant move your selection to a new position

A demo video will be added later in this weekend to show all new features...

But there are also some maybe bad news for someone of you: to use most of the addiction you need to get a registration code for the application with a contribution of 35€.
The ones of you already made a donation of 25€ or more, will get this code for free; other people donating a lesser amount may integrate their donations to get registered.
The amount is about what you pay for a medium or small Lego set so I hope it is not going too much for any of you ;)

Enjoy building



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