SR 3D Builder just released

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SR 3D Builder just released

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Hi again,
many updates in these days: hoping not boring you too much :)

The last update of the application is available as usually from
It does not contains many news, but just a few but necessaries fixes.
The only significant new is the ability for unregistered users to try the STICKER feature by adding up to 2 sticker to their models.
Loading model with more sticker will causes only first 2 sticker being displayed.

Following the list of what is changed.


Sergio - Changes to previous version (2012.08.29)


- Parts with a filename ending with 'H' were not displayed at all
- Connection snapping prevents some parts to correctly align
- Studs connected to a transparent part were incorrectly hidden by the application
- Modifying a Flex do not updates its boundaries box causing problems in reselecting it

- Unregistered users can add up to two stickers to model to evaluate program feature
- Selecting parts should now be a bit faster due to code optimization
- Updated tire manager association


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