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SR 3D Builder version

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Hi everybody!
It takes forever to create my application new version, but finally here it is and, IMPO, it worths the wait.

Here is what is new: - Changes to previous version (sorry, still not the time to create a presentation video)

- A lot of parts connection problem/missed in Technic Panels, Turntable, and other parts
- Piston Rods now should animate correctly no worry about animation starting point

- The region select tool allows you to select a portion of your model enclosed into a box.
You can change your selection tool size by pressing the "S" key and moving the mouse or rotating mouse wheel
Using Shift+S you perform fine size changes
You can move the selection tool like any other part in the model to select correct parts
- The Minifig Editor is finally operative, even if it needs some work.
You can create your minifigs with few clicks and save them into a MF library
You can recall a saved MF
A unique feature allows you to save MF poses into a poses library so you can easily mix your MF library with
your saved poses (limited for unregistered users)
- Added CTRL+LeftArrow/RighArrow to easy snap move parts along axis or axis inside holes (Works with Alternate
UI only)
- Added features to allow non Lego parts to be used and animated inside SR3DBuilder (still need some work!)

Fill free to send your minifig creation and poses (really appreciated!). Will be added to the base library and distributed with next application release.
Please notice that while sending your minifigures and poses creations you implicity authorize me to distribute them as part of my application.



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