привет from Turkey!

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привет from Turkey!

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Hello Russian Friends!

First of all I'm happy to find an English section in your forum. I'm Sencer, the admin of TRLUG (Turkey's Lego Users Group). We are a youg LUG trying to grow and our LUG founded by few people only one year ago. Since then we grow a little bit and reach 150 members (with only half of them are active). I would like you talk to you about administrating a LUG. How do you plan projects? Do you run any social responsiblity projects? How often do you make meetings? And so on. I would like to share your activities and news about your LUG on our LUG forum. We can work cooperative if you like, to grow our LUG's both. I believe we have lots to learn from you. Do you have any advice to us to grow our LUG bigger? Thanks for your all answers. Cheers!
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Re: привет from Turkey!

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I'm from Malaysia, there are a lot of LUG lover too ^^

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