Браузерная игра Lego Racers

Любые вопросы некоммерческого характера про компанию LEGO и ее продукцию.

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Браузерная игра Lego Racers

Сообщение Dan »

Давно нашедшая золотую жилу в датском конструкторе LEGO компания NetDevil анонсировала браузерную игру LEGO Racers. Как нетрудно догадаться из названия, проект представляет собой аркадные гонки на игрушечных машинках, причем для запуска игры потребуется лишь интернет-соединение и компьютер с весьма скромной конфигурацией. Пользователи смогут участвовать в гонках, приобретать все более мощные спорткары и даже делать ставки на другие заезды. Первый старт намечен на весну 2008-го года.

На сайте компании разработчика NetDevil - нет никакой информации об этом, но есть еще источники, сообщающие об этом.
LEGO Racers Web Game Announced

NetDevil announces the launch of a web games division and plans for its first release, LEGO Racers, a youth-oriented browser game set to launch early next year. This will presumably be similar to the game of the same name by High Voltage Software released for PC and consoles back in the 20th century, rather than, say, Auto Assault. Update: We received a note based on that comment that the game's dynamic will be more akin to Drome Racers Challenge. Word is:

LOUISVILLE, COLORADO – December 18, 2007 – NetDevil(R) today announces a new web games division, along with the development of a new PC title based off the popular LEGO Racers brand of toy products. The game is the first title in development under the new division and NetDevil expects the rollout of several other casual web-based game titles to debut in 2008. LEGO Racers is a fun web-based flash game for children and is currently planned for release in the first quarter of 2008.

“NetDevil has proven a valuable partner that truly understands what the LEGO play experience is all about,” said Kelly J. McKiernan, Internet Content Manager on LEGO Racers. “The company’s high-quality work on the LEGO Universe MMO made them an easy choice for LEGO Racers, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them to give fans of LEGO a whole new way to interact with some of our most popular franchises.”

LEGO Racers is a new game based off the Racers franchise of toy products and follows the same story line of the web-based game, where the goal is to defeat a myriad of the best LEGO Racers to become "the greatest LEGO racing champion of all-time.” Players will be able to own up to five cars from ten teams with different attributes and compete against other players. Players get to modify and upgrade their car with parts before sending their automobile to a race. Players can watch the race live and activate their challenge meter which boosts the chance in winning. Alternatively, they can race offline and come back to view their ranking and scores on the leader board.

“Having a dedicated focus on casual game content is something that we’ve thought about for a long time and we see it as a natural extension of our team’s experience and capabilities,” said Scott Brown, President of NetDevil. “We see casual game content as a key growth driver moving forward, and feel we are in a great position to bring some the world’s most recognized brands and entertainment properties to new audiences.”
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Re: Браузерная игра Lego Racers

Сообщение SpaceHeathen »

Если это продолжение 2 игры, буду очень рад! :)
Хоть и по Интернету...

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